Using the dashboard for stays abroad

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CACI has removed some columns from 'Buitenlandverblijven' (display 2.3.20), those columns can however be accessed and used via the newly introduced 'Dashboard buitenlandverblijven' (display 2.3.27).

Accessing the dashboard

The new dashboard can be accessed via 'Student' (1) -> 'Buitenland' (2) -> 'Dashboard buitenlandverblijven' (3)

Using the dashboard

There is currently only one dashboard with one standard selection.

Select the predefined dashboard (1) '1. Studie aanvragen (facultair)' and wait a second until the standard search criteria (2) have been loaded.
Once the search criteria have been loaded and the name (3) has changed you can click on 'Zoeken' (4).

Did you click on 'Zoeken' (4) before everything was loaded and does the results table (5) remain empty?
Try searching again by clicking on 'Zoeken' (6).

You can use additional search criteria (1) or the filter option (2) to refine the selection.

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