10.7 INK AO & INK-NL Rejection Bachelor’s


INK-AO and INK-NL rejected bachelor applicants received a rejection email citing the rejection reasons.

How to Annotate Rejection Reasons.

1. Use the rejection filters – AO Informeren Student Toelatingsbesluit - afwijzingen NL (facultair) for INK-NL or  AO Informeren Student Toelatingsbesluit - afwijzingen AO (facultair) for INK-AO - you can run either of these filters and filter further by Proces to view only the bachelor applications.

2. Open excel rejection template and download the document with the standard rejection sentences https://trello.com/c/kIBig3wk/445-instructions-rejections

3. After you have selected a student, go to OSIRIS application > Application OSIRIS aanmelding > Aanmelding

First check Checklist: Besluit toelating door Toelatingscommissie the Status should be “Niet toegelaten” or “rejected”

The check Checklist Informeren door Admission Office says “To inform” or “Informeren” (see photo below examples in Dutch & English, image 1, 2)

Then check Reden afwijzing, Andere reden afwijzing and the internal notes.

Note we check internal notes in case the faculty mentions any other particular reason of rejection or has a further explanation. See photo below.

4. Please annotate these reasons in the excel file

5. Then check the standard sentences in Trello and add the corresponding standard sentences with the reason of rejection. You can find the standard sentences here: https://trello.com/c/kIBig3wk/445-instructions-rejections

Once the excel is filled in, you are ready to email.


1. In Osiris Application, click on the icon with the envelope shape on the right corner of the screen

2. Search for the template AO-BA-REJECTION and click on Next or Volgende. You can use this template for both INK-AO or INK-NL Bachelor rejections.

3. The following screen is the template, Osiris selects the preferred language of the email automatically, you do not need to change this.

The standard personal information of the student will be filled in by Osiris automatically. You need to edit the fields in red only.

1.  Add the date of the email in full, example: 1 March 2021

2. Edit the Bachelor name

3. Edit the rejection reasons:

  • There are some standard rejection reasons for example: “Your <name of diploma> is considered not to be equivalent to the Dutch preuniversity level (VWO-level); equivalency to the pre-university (VWO) level is required for admission”
  • If this sentence is applicable, please add the name of the diploma, if this sentence is not applicable you can delete it and add another reason of rejections.
  • Please remember to use the standard reasons of rejections mentioned in https://trello.com/c/kIBig3wk/445-instructions-rejections

4. Check the spelling and grammar of the sentences and make all the text in Black

5. Let another colleague check your email before sending it to maintain the four eyes principle

6. Click on Send or Versturen

Filling in the Decision in Osiris

1. Copy the Degree programme code or Opleiding code in the application

2. On the left side menu go to Degree programme > Admission decision OR Opleiding> Toelatingsbeschikkingen

Please note: Osiris is spaces sensitive, so there should not be any spaces before or after the code

3. Click on the top green button with a + symbol. A line where you can fill in the details of the rejection email will appear:

  • In this field Paste the Degree programme code or Opleiding code.
  • Then press the Tab at the bottom of your keyboard.

Sometimes several options will appear, in this case you need to select the Bachelor’s with the same croho code that appears in the application. See example below

4. In the field that says Approved? Select the option “No” OR Akkoord? Select “Nee”

5. Fill in the box as follows:

 Verstrekt door faculteit: the first letters form the Degree programme or Opleiding (for example: NWI) then press Tab on your keyboard

Verstrekt door onderdeel: RU, press Tab on your keyboard

Afgiftedatum: write “t” and press the Tab button of your keyboard OR write the date of the email you sent in European format , for example for 1 March 2021 you write: 01-03-2021 (day-month-year)

Herkomst student: write “BUIT” for INK-AO applicants and VWO or other options for INK-NL students and press Tab on your keyboard

6. Click on save, click on the check box to ignore the warning and click on save again

Please note by saving this step you will be cancelling the application in studielink

7. Go to OSIRIS application > Application OR OSIRIS aanmelding > Aanmelding

  • Go to the application line and under Decision or Besluit select Rejected or Afgewezen – save the changes

Please note this is a crucial step!

  • Scroll down to Checklist: Informeren student door Admission Office and select in “Deelname belcampagne gewenst?”: “onbekend”
  • In “Status” select “Email verstuurd” – and save the changes

If the admission decision has the 'Gewijzigde voorwaarden' field filled in, please consult these instructions.

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