10.2 INK-NL-Master's


Students with a Dutch previous education from any other university in the Netherlands or with a contractonderwijs pre-Master's are processed by Student Admissions.

Adding additional information/vrije velden
1. Preparations

1. Open the informing filter in Osiris (see https://trello.com/c/sAeJkp2J/26-filters) Run the filter AO informeren student toelatingbesluit - niet selectief NL (facultair)

2. Go to View > Sort > Extensive, and sort the list by Section/Rubriek > Process > Name of degree program

3. Divide the tasks with your colleagues 

4. If applicable you can filter further by adding to the process filter INK-NL-MASTER

5. Download the automatically generated Excel file from Osiris Application by clicking the excel sheet icon at the top of the applications window. Then add the columns to the following template: https://trello.com/c/krGqvhHb/290-instructions

2. Filling in admission requirements/ Vrije velden

1. Open an application from the list by clicking on the round black circle

2. Go to Studentgegevens>Personalia 

Check the field: Nationaliteit/Nationality and write in the excel if the student is EU/EEA or non EU/EEA (UK is considered non-EU) in the MVV column. 

All students from EEA countries are allowed to follow the same deadlines as EU students. Therefore, when a student is from an EEA country, they are considered "EU". See https://trello.com/c/jnQii1EG/176-eu-eea-countries-list for the list of EU and EEA countries.

3. Go to

OSIRIS application > Application

OSIRIS aanmelding > Aanmelding 

First check Checklist: Besluit toelating door Toelatingscommissie. The status should be (Voorwaardelijk) toegelaten 

Then check Checklist Informeren door Admission Office. The status should be 'To inform/Informeren'  

4. Check and copy the admission requirements that are filled in under Checklist: Besluit toelating door Toelatingscommissie into your Excel. The different admission requirements are:

If one of the admission requirements is not provided or not clear (for example by requesting a diploma that the student did not obtain, or by not specifying whether or not there is an English language certificate needed), you can return it to the faculty for clarification. See 10. Informeren student over toelatingsbesluit door Student Admissions for more information on the procedure.

When the student has applied for different programme, make sure to write the degree programme code before the requirements, for example: Example:  NWI-MA-MEDBIO.

Additionally: add an asterisk (*) before every requirement and a dash (-) before every requirement within the requirement (grades within a diploma or specific courses).

2.1 Diploma toelating

Please note students can be admitted based on WO/hbo Bachelors OR premasters at Radboud. See the differences and process below

Diploma Toelating: check if diploma has been verified/already obtained - WO/hbo Bachelor

In the case of WO Bachelors we can see if the diploma has been already obtained and verified.

Please note hbo Bachelors give access to Masters in very few occasions. Most of the cases are for NWI faculty because the students do a minor at Radboud.

If the diploma mentioned is a WO bachelor or hbo bachelor you need to check if the diploma has been already obtained and verified

To check this go to Opleiding > Vooropleiding /  Degree programme > Prior education 

When a diploma has been obtained and verified centrally (via DUO) you see the following:

- Eindexamendatum has been filled in 

- Diploma behaald? is Ja 

- Status verificatie is Diploma centraal

- Geverifieerd op has been filled in 

Also you cannot edit manually most of the fields

When a diploma has not been verified, you see one or more of the following:

-Status verificatie is either Vooropl. Centraal or Niet geverifieerd 

-Eindexamendatum is empty

If the diploma has been verified: you do not need to write it under requirements as it has been processed already.


If the diploma has not been verified/obtained: please write it under the requirements as - 

diploma, university name, year of graduation.


  • HBO Bachelor Laboratorium onderzoek, Hogeschool Utrecht, 2022
  • WO Bachelor Sociologie, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2022 

Write this requirement in your Excel

Diploma Toelating: premaster at Radboud OR contract onderwijs premaster at Radboud

In some cases the student is admitted based on a pre-master from the RU that does not directly give access or bases on a contract onderwijs. See examples below

If the diploma mentioned is premaster from Radboud University you need to check if the diploma has been already obtained and verified

You need to check if a premaster has been obtained and verified this in two places

1)Go to

Examens > Examens

Exams > Exams

You should see the pre-master in this field and it should said the premaster has been obtained. Please make sure the pre-master correspond to the pre-master mentioned in diploma toelating.

The premaster should have an eindexamendatum. Please note Judicium should be Behaald -> Then go to step number 2

If the pre-master does not appear in this field, it means the student is yet to obtain the certificate, you do not need to go to step number 2 then. If this is the case please write under the diploma requirement in your excel the following:

name premaster, Radboud University, 2022.

2)Go to

Opleiding > Vooropleiding

Degree programme > Prior education

You should see a line with VERKLARING TOETSINGSCOMISSIE MASTER OPL. The diploma should be verified.

If this appears as in the image below you do not need to add the pre-master as a requirement in your excel sheet.

If you do not see the above in vooropleiding but you do see it in exams, please send an email to info@csa.ru.nl and ask them to please add the premaster that appears in exams in vooropleiding. Please add as subject of the email: student number + student name. Add the coordinator in CC. If you have any further questions please ask your coordinator.

You should wait for CSA to add the VERKLARING before continuing with the student.

If the diploma has not been obtained or verified yet, we need to request it from the student. Note that a Pre-Master's certificate is not verified by DUO, but it is arranged by the faculty. We therefore have to forward them to the Student Information Point of the faculty (www.ru.nl/stip) to provide them with instructions on how to request their certificate.


Pre-Master Computing Science, Radboud Universiteit, 2022. Neem contact op met het Studenten Informatie Punt (www.ru.nl/stip) van je faculteit voor meer informatie over het aanvragen van je Pre-Master certificaat.

Some students applying to the Faculty Management are based on an internal Pre-Master, which is a collection of contract courses. The Admissions Officer will add a diploma (for ex. a WO Bachelor) + the internal Pre-Master as Diploma toelating. Once the internal pre-Master has been obtained (which only the faculty can check), they will update gewijzigde voorwaarden and inform us.

In this case, we do not have to forward the student to STIP (see text above), as the faculty will inform us directly.

2.2 English requirements

If an English certificate is required, please visit the specific Master’s website for the requirements and copy the English certificate requirements. 

If it is an English taught Master's programme you can find the requirements here https://trello.com/c/2H1yYkd3/45-website-voor-de-taaleis-master-website-for-language-requirements-masters

If an English language certificate has been accepted, it has already been uploaded by an employee of the Admissions Office while checking the application. Please consult https://osiris.tutorials.ru.nl/m/OSIRIS-AANMELD/l/1461178-10-4-ink-ao-bachelor-s#huidig-certificaat-geaceepteerd for further instructions.

Is the student exempted for English based on previous education? Please note this needs to be registered in Opmerking SA instead of Voowaarden Toelatingsbeschikking see section 3.0

Write the requirements in your Excel if any.

2.3 Overige voorwaarden

The faculty can also mention other requirements, such as intake interview, transcript of records with minimum medium grade, etc.

INK-NL Students are exempted from a Dutch language certificate because hbo or wo bachelor's exempt the student from Dutch language requirement. HOWEVER, in the rare case (very rare) there is a Dutch language requirement, please check https://trello.com/c/6qLIDfZ5/4-inchrijving-regeling-dutch-language-certificates-and-exemptions and refer to the INK-AO requirements

Write these requirements in your Excel if any

3. Add requirements in Osiris
  1. Go to Student Information > Additional Information or Studentgegevens > Vrije velden 
  2. Click on Toevoegen vrije velden/Add additional information  
  3. Select and add Voorwaarden Toelatingsbeschikking 
  4. Select and add Aanvraag MVV if the student is non-EU (check the student's nationality in Studentgegevens > Personalia under Nationaliteit/Nationality, see also 2. Filling in admission requirements/ Vrije velden

Is the student exempted for English based on previous education? Please add Opmerking SA too and make the note of the exemption in there. See photo below

Voorwaarden Toelatingsbeschikking
  1. Add the diploma requirements from your excel (if diplomas has not been verified or obtained) 
  2. Add any other additional information and required certificates (accepted and yet to be obtained). Differentiate different requirements with * (asterisk)

If the student has obtained an English language certificate that can already be verified, make sure to verify and print the certificate or otherwise save it in the folder: \\ru.nl\wrkgrp\StudentAdmissions\1. Admissions Office\Printing documents\English certificates working from home.

MVV field

Most applicants in the INK-NL process are Dutch. However, you may come across an international non-EU/EEA student, who will need the MVV field added. This is crucial for the visa procedure and the enrolment deadline. 

After you have added the MVV field, you need to select one of the four options described here: https://trello.com/c/R8bilHnn/247-mvv-field 

You never select Niet-momi, as this may cause a student to not have their residence permit arranged. In case of doubt, consult with a coordinator or choose Momi, wacht op groen licht.

Unconditionally admitted students

If you have checked all the admission requirements and they have all been verified (please note accepted certificates does not mean verified)

Go to Vrije velden click on Toevoegen vrije velden and add the field Opmerking SA. In this field please write: all requirements have been met/verified

Sending admission decision

To keep the four eyes principle, you cannot email a student if you have added the requirements. Therefore, please first check that you have not filled in vrije velden (additional information) for the student you are emailing. To do this, right click in the Admission requirements field in Osiris and click on Toon audit informatie van het vrije veld, you will then be able to see who has filled in the requirements.

Please also make sure to use the Excel informing template: https://trello.com/c/krGqvhHb/290-instructions

If a all the requirements have been verified, you should see the below remark in vrije velde. Please double check all the requirements have been verified again.

Preparations before emailing
  1. Study the dossier: check the nationality (EU/EEA), requirements (filled in by the faculty) and programme name, etc. See also 2. Filling in admission requirements/ Vrije velden for a list of what to check
  2. Double check the requirements filled in previously by your colleagues, these include:
    1. Diploma(s)
    2. Language requirements and/or verified certificates
      1. Check saved English certificates in the following workgroup folder: wrkgrp\RAOAdmissionsServices\1. Admissions Office\Printing documents\English certificates working from home  
      2. This is to ensure the English certificate has been previously saved by your colleague. If a certificate has not been saved, please verify and save the certificate
  3. Internal notes, both in the application and in the student dossier, see also https://trello.com/c/MuKoDZ1F/81-internal-notes
  4. MVV field (if applicable, for non-EU/EEA)
  5. Check prior education (vooropleiding). Has it been correctly edited, and/or has it already been verified?
  6. Enrolment deadline:
    1. EU: 15 January for February intake & 15 August for September intake
    2. Non-EU: 1 December February intake or 1 June September intake  however there is one exception for when the MVV is Groen licht diploma niet behaald. See for explanation examples https://trello.com/c/R8bilHnn/247-mvv-field
  7. Checklists: there should be a decision (voorwaardelijk) toegelaten and the status should be Informeren/To inform

If the application contains a Checklist: Verzoek tot Verlate Inschrijving (located above the admission decision checklist)consult this article for further instructions.

Check and gather all the information as expressed above. Once this is done and you have prepared all the information in your Excel sheet, you are ready to email the student! 

Ready to email

To email the student, click on the top right envelope icon.

Now, select the AO-MA-NL-ADMISS - ADMISSION template from the list of templates. If you have used it once, it will appear at the top as recently used template. If you are using the template for the first time, you will have to scroll down the list below E-MAIL until you find the correct template.

Once you have selected the correct template, click on Volgende/Next, which will open the email so that you can edit the template according to the instructions in the next section.

Editing the email template

Part 1 - Personal details

There are several parts in the template that have to be edited. While doing so, please also consult the information that you noted in your Excel. The parts that have to be edited are: 

1.    Date: Add the date on which you are sending the email in the following format: dd/mm/year, so for example 25 December 2021

2.  Edit the <opleidingnaam>: Add master's name and the specialisation when applicable.

For example:

Economics, specialisation Corporate Finance and Control

3. Study programme name: write the programme name without the specialisation. Check the website of the specific programme when in doubt. Examples:

  • Master Economics
  • Master Pedagogische Wetenschappen
  • Master Onderneming & Recht

4. Programme start date: leave either February or September

5. Academic year:

For February start is still 2021-2022

For September start is 2022-2023

6. Number of ECTS: please add the number of EC mentioned on the website of the programme

7.Where it indicates “Enrolment deadline” leave the correct deadline

Please do not translate the name of the programmes.

If the default template is in Dutch and the student applied for an English-taught programme, please write for example:

Masteropleiding in Economics (Engelstalig)

Or the other way around, if a student has default English template and applied for a Dutch-taught master's programme please write:

Master's in Fiscal Recht (Dutch-taught)


See also https://trello.com/c/XGa3EDsb/24-enrolment-deadlines for an overview of enrolment deadlines. When in doubt, ask a colleague or coordinator for help. This part is crucial and especially important for MVV applicants to make sure that their residence permit process will not have any issues or delays due to the wrong deadline being listed.

Unconditional admission

If a student is unconditionally admitted, remove the word 'conditionally' from the first sentence and remove the second sentence completely.

Part 2 - Admission requirements & Intro activities

1. Annotate the requirements that are written in Vrije Velden/Additional requirements, which you have also noted in your Excel file.

2. There are some additional notes under the admissions requirements: you can remove these if they are not applicable. If one of them is applicable, please leave the text.

3. Add the same deadline of enrolment as you did in part 1.

4. Leave February or September depending on the start of the programme

Unconditional admission

If a student is unconditionally admitted, make the following changes:

  1. Edit the sum up
    • Remove the first step (1. Verify certified copies of your documents)
    • Change the numbering of the second and third step
  2. Add the following sentence below the sum up: You have met the enrolment requirements. This means that you do not have to send us any documents. (Dutch: Je voldoet aan de toelatingseisen. Dit betekent dat je ons geen documenten meer hoeft te sturen.)
  3. Remove the first subtitle (1. Verify certified copies of your documents) and the text below 
  4. If a sentence regarding English or Dutch language requirements applies, keep it right below the sum up. Make sure to remove the sentence regarding the diploma that has to be verified, as this has already been done.
  5. Change the numbering in the other subtitles according to the numbers used in the sum up.
Sending the email

1. After you have checked the email, all the data and spelling/syntax, you can send the email by clicking on Versturen/Send. 

Did you make a mistake while sending an admission decision (for example, you named the wrong start date, or you forgot something)? Check the instructions here for information on what to do:


2. Copy the Opleiding code of the programme you just sent an email for. You can find the Opleiding code in the application line next to the start and end date. 

3. On the left-hand side menu go to Degree programme > Admission decision or Opleiding > Toelatingsbeschikkingen

4. Click on the top green button with a + symbol (see photo below). A line for the admission decision will appear 

5. Paste the Opeliding code. Please note that Osiris is spaces sensitive, so there should not be any spaces before or after the code. Press the Tab on your keyboard. 

6. Click ‘OK’ 

7. In the drop down menu Approved? or Akkoord? select: 

  • Conditionally” or “Voorwaardelijk” if the student is conditionally admitted and still has to meet requirements, such as sending their diploma
  • "Yes" or "Ja" if the student is unconditionally admitted (meaning that they have met all the admission requirements already)

8. Fill in the box below as follows/copy paste the following information:

  1. Verstrekt door faculteit: the first letters form the Degree programme or Opleiding, for example: NWI (press Tab on your keyboard)
  2. Verstrekt door onderdeel: RU (press Tab on your keyboard)
  3. Afgiftedatum: write t and press the Tab button of your keyboard or write the date of the email you sent in European format, for 1 March 2022 you write: 01-03-2022 (day-month-year)
  4. Start date degree programme/Aanvangsdatum opleiding: write 01-02-2022 OR 01-09-2022
  5. Enrolment possible from/Inschrijvingen mogelijk vanaf: leave empty (it will be automatically fill in if the admission is unconditional)
  6. Valid till/Geldig tot: 31-08-2023
  7. Herkomst student:select  WO-ba, hbo-ba or WO-premaster        

9. Click on Save. 

10. Go to OSIRIS Application > Application or OSIRIS Aanmelding > Aanmelding 

11. Go to the application line and under “Decision” or “Besluit” and select:

  • “Conditionally Admitted/Voorwaardelijk Toegelaten” if the student is conditionally admitted and still has to meet requirements, such as sending their diploma
  • "Admitted" or "Toegelaten" if the student is unconditionally admitted (meaning that they have met all the admission requirements already)

12. Scroll down to Checklist: Informeren student door Admission Office and in “Status” select “Email sent” or “Email verstuurd” 

13. Save the changes 

Editing Inschrijving/Enrolment

After you have sent the email and added the admission decision, there are a few more steps to take to ensure all settings are correct. One of those steps is to edit the menu inschrijving/enrolment. To do so, in the left side menu go to

Inschrijvingen Croho > Inschrijving 

Enrolment Croho > Enrolment 

1. In the field “toelatinggevende vooropleiding” search with the magnifying glass and select the diploma based on which the student has been admitted, and save the changes.

Editing Instellingstatussen/Workflows

After you have sent the email and added the admission decision, there are a few more steps to take to ensure all settings are correct. One of those steps is to edit the menu instellingstatussen/workflows. To do so, go in the left hand menu to:

Inschrijvingen Croho > Instellingstatussen 

Enrolment Croho > Workflows 

2. Change the status of the workflows to:

  • VOORWAARDELIJK if the admission is conditional
  • SUFFICIENT if the admission is unconditional

Once you have selected the correct status, save your changes. 

If the admission decision has the 'Gewijzigde voorwaarden' field filled in, please consult these instructions.

If there is a Verzoek Verlate Inscrhijving please see these instructions for additional information.

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