10.10 INK-NL Geen beoordeling mogelijk


Decision: Geen beoordeling mogelijk

INK-NL applicants have a guarantee assessment for applications until 1 of July.

Afterwards any application submitted until the 31 of August may or may not be assessed. If the faculty decides they cannot assess the application the decision will be a bit different.

The application will appear in the informing INK-NL filter. However when you check the

Checklist: Besluit toelating door Toelatingscommissie the status will be Geen beoordeling mogelijk – garantie deadline


Checklist: Terug naar Toelatingscommissie door Student Admissions should be Informeren/To inform


Go to Studentgegevens>Mededelingen

Check if the student has received a message from the faculty, the code is AO-NL-GEENBEOO. If this is the case you can go to step 2.


Go back to Osiris Aanmelding> Aanmeldingen

a)Change the status of the application (NOT the Besluit) and select Geannuleerd

Please note this will cancel the application in studielink

b) Checklist: Informeren student door Student Admissions and change it to Email vestuurd

Save the changes.

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