10.9 Selective (Pre-)Master's


There is a selection of (Pre-)Master's that offer some sort of placement procedure after admission, also known as the second step. These programmes are therefore called 2-step or selective programmes. See Trello for an overview of programmes.

The selective programmes are informed by employees, but the additional information/vrije velden is prepared by student-assistants. The programmes can be recognised by the warning line "LET OP! Selectieve master" in the checklist Informeren student door Admissions Office.

See also this article for more information.

Adding additional information/vrije velden

1. Open the informing filter in Osiris.

2. Run the filter AO informeren student toelatingbesluit - selectief toelatingen (facultair)

3. Download the automatically generated Excel file from Osiris Application by clicking the excel sheet icon at the top of the applications window. Then add the columns to the following template: https://trello.com/c/krGqvhHb/290-instructions

Preparing the selective vrije velden only has to be done when this task is assigned to you by the coordinator. 

Filling in admission requirements

1. Open an application from the list by clicking on the round black circle

2. Go to Studentgegevens>Personalia 

Check the field: Nationaliteit/Nationality and write in the excel if the student is EU/EEA or non EU/EEA (UK is considered non-EU) in the MVV column. 

All students from EEA countries are allowed to follow the same deadlines as EU students. Therefore, when a student is from an EEA country, they are considered "EU". See https://trello.com/c/jnQii1EG/176-eu-eea-countries-list for the list of EU and EEA countries.

3. Go to

OSIRIS application > Application

OSIRIS aanmelding > Aanmelding 

First check Checklist: Besluit toelating door Toelatingscommissie. The status should be (Voorwaardelijk) toegelaten, automatisch geplaatst (admitted, automatically placed) or Toegelaten tot plaatsingsprocedure (admitted to placement procedure)

Then check Checklist Informeren door Admission Office. The status should be 'To inform/Informeren'  

4. Check and copy the admission requirements that are filled in under Checklist: Besluit toelating door Toelatingscommissie into your Excel. For further instructions, please consult 10.2 INK-NL-Master's, 10.3 INK-NL PM and 10.5 INK-AO Master's.

When the student has applied for different programme, make sure to write the degree programme code before the requirements, for example: Example:  NWI-MA-MEDBIO.

Additionally: add an asterisk (*) before every requirement and a dash (-) before every requirement within the requirement (grades within a diploma or specific courses).

If one of the admission requirements is not provided or not clear (for example by requesting a diploma that the student did not obtain, or by not specifying whether or not there is an English language certificate needed), you can return it to the faculty for clarification. See 10. Informeren student over toelatingsbesluit door Student Admissions for more information on the procedure.

5. If the status of the decision is Toegelaten tot plaatsingsprocedure make sure to add 'Plaatsing' or 'Placement' as separate requirement to the vrije velden.

Add requirements to OSIRIS
  1. Go to Student Information > Additional Information or Studentgegevens > Vrije velden 
  2. Click on Toevoegen vrije velden/Add additional information  
  3. Select and add Voorwaarden Toelatingsbeschikking 
  4. Select and add Aanvraag MVV if the student is non-EU

The placement requirement is considered a separate step, similar to an interview, so aanvraag MVV has to be put on 'Wacht op groen licht' if the student has been admitted to the placement procedure.

5. Add the relevant fields for the language requirements, namely:

  • Opmerking SA for Dutch language requirements and English language requirements for INK-NL applications
  • Engelse taaltoets toelating - vrijstelling for English exemptions (INK-AO applications)

If a student has obtained an English certificate, make sure that it is verified and printed. See also this article for further instructions.

If a student is exempted from English based on their previous education but still needs to graduate you add the sentence of exemption in the Voorwaarden toelatingsbeschikking field as: 'Exempted for English if diploma is obtained' 

6. Copy the requirements into the Voorwaarden toelatingsbeschikking field

7. Choose the correct status for the Aanvraag MVV field (only for non-EU students)

8. Click on 'Save' (top right) and continue working on the next student.

If you have checked all the admission requirements and they have all been verified (not only accepted) ánd the student is directly admitted (so not admitted to the placement procedure), the student is directly admitted. In this case, add the field Opmerking SA and write: all requirements have been met/verified.

Sending admission decision

To keep the four eyes principle, you cannot email a student if you have added the requirements. Therefore, please first check that you have not filled in vrije velden (additional information) for the student you are emailing. To do this, right click in the Admission requirements field in Osiris and click on Toon audit informatie van het vrije veld, you will then be able to see who has filled in the requirements.

Please also make sure to use the Excel informing template: https://trello.com/c/IYLT5X5v/1-instructions-admissions

Preparing before emailing
  1. Open the filter: AO informeren student toelatingbesluit - selectief toelatingen (facultair) for admitted students and AO informeren student toelatingbesluit - selectief afwijzingen (facultair) for rejections
  2. Study the dossier: check nationality, requirements (filled in by Exam Board) and programme name, etc
  3. Double check the requirementsfill in previously by your colleagues, these include:
    1. Diploma(s) 
    2. Language requirements and/or verifiedcertificates
      1. Check saved English certificates in the following wrkgroup folder: wrkgrp\RAOAdmissionsServices\1. Admissions Office\Printing documents\English certificates working from home  
      2. This is to ensure the English certificate has been previously saved by your colleague –if a certificate has not been saved, please verify and save the certificate
    3.  Internal notes 
  4. February start? Make a note of this in your excel.
  5. MVV field (if applicable, for non-EU/EEA)
  6. Check prior education (vooropleiding). Has it been correctly edited/verified?
  7. Enrolment deadline:
    • EU: 15 January for February start & 15 August for September start
    • Non-EU: 1 December for February start & 1 of June for September start – however there is one exception for when the MVV is Groen licht diploma niet behaald. See explanation below.

Double check that the requirements are correctly noted in vrije velden in Voorwaarden Toelatingsbeschikking and in SA Opmerking if applicable

Unconditional admission

If all the requirements have been verified and the student has been admitted unconditionally, you will see a comment stating All requirements have been met/verified in the field Opmerking SA. Please double check all the requirements have been verified again.

Dutch language requirements

Dutch language requirements are also added to the Opmerking SA field. These need to be mentioned in the email too.


Check the status of the admission decision, and follow the corresponding instructions below. For further instructions on how to edit the email templates, please consult 10.2 INK-NL-Master's, 10.3 INK-NL PM and 10.5 INK-AO Master's.

Niet toegelaten


If a student is not admitted to the programme, we use the template AO-SEL-REJ-VOOR for INK-NL studentsIn this template, the student is informed that they are not admitted to the selection procedure. 


For INK-AO students, we use the regular Master's rejection template (AO-MA-REJECTION). In the second paragraph, we add "have not been admitted to the placement procedure for the Master's programme".

(Voorwaardelijk)toegelaten, automatisch geplaatst

If a student is conditionally admitted and automatically placed, we send the "regular" admission decision. For further instructions, please consult 10.2 INK-NL-Master's, 10.3 INK-NL PM and 10.5 INK-AO Master's.

For the following programmes from the Faculty of Social Sciences, we have to add "and placed for" to the first paragraph after "conditionally admitted to". These are:

  • Behavioural Science
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Computing (PM + Master)
  • Social Cultural Sciences
Toegelaten tot plaatsingsprocedure

If a student is admitted to the placement procedure, we use the email template AO-SEL-MAPM-ADM. In this email, the student is informed that they are admitted to the placement procedure, and that the faculty will send them more information. Besides that, the admission requirements and deadlines are added. For further instructions, please consult 10.2 INK-NL-Master's, 10.3 INK-NL PM and 10.5 INK-AO Master's.

In case a student is not placed after taking part in the placement procedure, we have to send them another email. See the instructions below. Students that are put on the waiting list or placed do not have to be emailed again.

Student is put on the waiting list

If a student is put on the waiting list, we do not inform them about this, but the faculty can inform the student if they wish to do so. Once a decision is taken (placed or not placed), we follow the instructions below. 

Student is placed

If the student is placed after the placement procedure, they get an automatic mail informing them about their placement. This email uses the template AO-SEL-MAPM-GEP. The student will appear in the filter AO verwerking plaatsing, after which we:

  1. Remove the 'placement' requirement from vrije velden
  2. Change the status of the checklist Plaatsingsprocedure into Geplaatst - verwerkt door SA
  3. Finalise the enrolment if placement was the last requirement for the student

Student is not placed

If a student is not placed after the placement procedure, we use the template AO-SEL-MAPM-REJ. The rejection reason used in this email is copied from the field 'Reden bij niet geplaatst'. 

For Gezondheidszorgpsychologie (GZP) applicants, we use the AO-SEL-GZP-REJ template instead.

Editing inschrijving/enrolment

For further instructions on how to edit inschrijving/enrolment, please consult 10.2 INK-NL-Master's, 10.3 INK-NL PM and 10.5 INK-AO Master's

Editing instellingstatussen/workflows

For further instructions on how to edit inschrijving/enrolment, please consult 10.2 INK-NL-Master's, 10.3 INK-NL PM and 10.5 INK-AO Master's. There are no separate statuses to be used for selective programmes.

If the admission decision has the 'Gewijzigde voorwaarden' field filled in, please consult these instructions.

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