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Student Admissions

Student Admissions (SA) processes Bachelor’s and Master’s applications for students with a non-Dutch prior education and students with a Dutch prior education that are not directly admissible. This includes the following tasks: contacting students about questions, checking applications, credential evaluation, informing about the admission decision and processing documents. Student Admissions processes also the applications of incoming exchange students. In addition, Student Admissions also takes care of the residence permits of international students. More information about the precise tasks and steps of the process can be found in https://osiris.tutorials.ru.nl/m/OSIRIS-AANMELD/c/123948.

Student Registration & Desk  =  CSA (Central Student Administration) and Central Studentdesk

SA (Student Admissions)


Enrolment Deadlines documents & Visa

**September intake**

The enrolment deadlines are as follows:

• June 1st for non-EU/EEA students (postponement until June 15th in consultation with the visa team)

• 31 July for EU/EEA Selection & Placement students (request for a postponement on the website)

• 15 August for EU/EEA (deadline 31 August, or by exception first week of September)


Some NEU applicants can receive an extension of the deadline to hand in documents until June 15 - only if previously approved by the Visa department.


All students are requested to submit their documents by 15 of August. In some cases they obtain their diploma/certificates later and the deadline is extended until 31 August.

Please note at the end of August it may take more time to process the documents due to the high volume of documents. If a student hands in a document on August 31 it may take more than 24 hours for the document to be processed and the student needs to be patient.


In some cases we give students a grace period to submit documents: 6 September for students with a Dutch prior education and 13 September for students with a non-Dutch prior education . Please note this is only within justifiable reasons (obtain their diploma late in August/delayed post/etc.).

Please note we need to clear the deadline with the student and the Central Student Administration (CSA) beforehand.


Students graduating before 1 September but obtaining their diploma after 31 August need to hand in a proof of diploma form.

If you receive any question regarding this, please ask the student to send us an email.

Zachte Knip/Soft-cut policy

All students (with Dutch or non Dutch previous education) have to graduate before September 1 if they want to enroll per 1 September. Please note if the students graduates before 1 September but will obtain their official diploma after, they can submit a proof of diploma form.

Student graduating after September 1 but wishing to start per September 1 need to receive the approval of the faculty (zachte knip/soft cut policy). This is up to each faculty, and it's only possible if the diploma is the only requirement they cannot meet before September 1. Other certificates (English, mathematics, etc.) still have to be submitted before the enrolment deadline.


*Please note SA does not add the decisions to the Excel neither has access to them. If a student emails you requesting information when the enrolment will be finalized, please make sure to double check if you have added the information to the shared Excel

**CSA and SA will communicate internally regarding the students that will be enrolled through zachte knip, the students are requested to send us their transcript of records.

If you have added an applicant to the Excel recently and the student emails you, kindly ask the applicants to be patient, it may take a few days before the zachte knip has been processed.

Deferrals or deviant start dates

Deferring from this academic year to the next

Applicants wishing to defer applications with previous approval of the faculty need to submit a new application in studielink so we can link it.

If an applicant wants to defer an application from September 2022 to September 2023 they need to submit a new application in studielink from 1 October 2023 onward. Currently it is not possible to apply to September 2023.

Deviant start dates

If the faculty approves the deferral to a different start date than September (for example: 1 October 2022) the applicant must submit an enrolment request in studielink. The student will have in the application a verzoek verlate inscrhijving/late enrolment request which needs to be approved by the faculty as well.  

For more information, please see (Verzoek verlate inschrijving): 7. Verwerken van het toelatingsbesluit door facultair verwerker

Appeal procedure

Appeal procedure Bachelor programmes

Since 2021 to reduce the number of formal appeals we try first to forward the questions on rejections to the admission officers of the faculties (by faculties request).

The faculties offer a broader explanation on rejection reasons to the applicants, however, in some cases the students may submit an official appeal form.

**When applicant submits an official appeal form (online or by post) the application is assessed by Legal Affairs

Appeal procedure Master programmes

Agreement with MA admission officers

If a student has questions about his/her rejection, SA forwards this email to the admission officer. In case student is still admissible, SA informs student to apply in Studielink again, reactivates the old process and asks the faculty to change the admission decision including requirements. Faculty also needs to make a note in ‘gewijzigde voorwaarden’ that the decision has been changed. After that SA follows above mentioned steps and sends an admission email to student.


If after the email exchange with the faculty the student submits a formal appeal, these are the following steps:

If you have any questions regarding appeals, please let us know.

Colloquium Doctum

Applicants older than 21 years of age can request to be admitted to Bachelor's programmes based on a Colloquium Doctum. This applies to both students with Dutch previous education, students with International previous education or a mix thereof.

Students can be admitted based on a diploma + certificates or just certificates which meet the profile for the programme they are applying too.

Schakeljaar (Maatwerktraject refugee applicants UAF)

Together the UAF and universities in the Netherlands created preparatory courses for refugees to access university. The courses will include preparation for VWO exams to meet the profile requirements for Bachelor's programmes.

You can find information from the UAF here https://www.uaf.nl/ondersteuning/ik-wil-studeren/schakeljaar/

You can find more information about maatwerktraject at Radboud here https://www.ru.nl/opleidingen/onderwijs-trainingen/maatwerktraject-vluchtelingen/

Guaranteed (garantie) deadlines vs hard deadlines

Students applying through the INK-NL process are guaranteed that their application will be processed if they have applied before or on the guaranteed deadline. After this date, we no longer guarantee that they will be able to enroll.

After the guaranteed deadline, faculties also have the option to select in the admission decision that they will no longer process the application Geen beoordeling mogelijk. If faculties admission officers select this under the decision, the applicants will automatically receive an email their application cannot be processed due to the guarantee deadline.

In 2021 we received a lot of request to process again applications that were previously marked as Geen beoordeling mogelijkWe kindly suggest you to check carefully beforehand if the application will be evaluated so we do not have to request the student to apply again.

S&P bachelor's programmes do not have a guaranteed deadline, but a hard deadline on 15 January (same as INK-AO applications)

Missing Documents for enrollment

Applicants (mainly refugee applicants) without official documents because documents have been lost/damaged/missing due to unforeseeable circumstances can still be admitted.

The admission process is the same, however, if the applicant informs SA that they cannot deliver the documents (after receiving the admission email) SA sends the instructions on how to proceed. The agreement is that these applicants will discuss their missing document with a specific Student Dean and the Student Dean provides a declaration (verklaring) for the missing documents to CSA.

Once CSA processes the declaration (verklaring), the student can be enrolled (if all other requirements are met).

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