2. In behandeling nemen van de aanvraag

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  • IMPORTANT: please remember to press ‘save’ after you have made changes to a record. OSIRIS will not automatically save any changes.
  • You can select all new applications by selecting the first row, press shift and select the lowest row. Then select ‘acties’ and click on ‘status/besluit buitenlandverblijf wijzigen’.
  1. You can now choose to change the status into ‘in behandeling’
  2. Please note that the screen will not automatically refresh. You need to click on ‘Zoeken’ to see whether the status has been changed. Alternatively you can check individual student’s record.
  • As soon as you changed the status of the application to ‘In behandeling’, the student will receive an automated e-mail, informing the student that his or her application is being processed. In Osiris Student, the student can see that the application is ‘in progress’ as well.


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