3. Controleren van ingediende aanvraag

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  • As soon as you open a student’s record (menu 2.1.90) to process the file, you need to change the status of the row ‘checklist: selectie door faculteit’ into ‘in behandeling’ and press ‘save’. You will see pencils appear next to the student’s input/checklist, as well as additional rows will become available under the row ‘checklist: selectie door faculteit’.


  • You can check the input of the student on the screen. You can open the attachments by clicking on them or go to the navigation panel on the left and click on ‘Uploads’


  • If you want to adjust an answer provided by the student, you can click on the pencil sign, left next to the answer in the same row. Remember to press ‘save’


  • To see the grades of the student, go to the menu on the left side and select ‘resultaten, Geldende resultaten’. Contact your local OSIRIS administrator if you don’t have the authorization to see the results.


  • Under ‘checklist: selectie door faculteit’ you can make remarks or notes. Alternatively, you can do this in the box ‘interne aantekeningen’. Press save after you finished your notes.


  • Please make sure to select the relevant grant, applicable to the institution you will nominate the student for, in the box ‘keuze beurstype’ and press save. (Erasmus+ for Erasmus contracts, Holland Scholarship for Radboud Wide Partners, Individual Travel Grant for other partners outside Europe) This input will be used to start the grant application processes when the student is nominated.


  • If your faculty has multiple departmental coordinators, please select the relevant coordinator for the student. If you do not have departmental coordinators, leave this field empty. After you finished to process the nominations, you can inform the departmental coordinator, who can find the students in Osiris, or you can make an export to excel in screen 2.3.20 (the start screen) by searching for students coupled to a certain coordinator.


  • If the student wants to go to a Radboud Wide Partner or a Joint Faculty Agreement, please select ‘Ja’ in the row ‘Centraal gecoördineerd contract’. The institutional mobility coordinator will process the applications that have been connected to central contract. Please indicate in the box ‘opmerking selectie’ how high this student is on your ranking for this partner


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