4. Goed- of afkeuren van aanvraag

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o If everything is ok, you can select all rows (select the first row, press shift while clicking on the last row) and click on the green check button. Alternatively, you can do this row by row as well. Again, do not forget to press save before navigating to another screen.

o Then, go to the menu on the left side and select ‘instelling & beursopties’. You will see the universities the student applied for. By clicking on the drop box under ‘keuze’(1), you can select the university you want to nominate the student for. You only need to select the university of choice. NB: please do not take this step for Radboud Wide partners or Joint Faculty Agreements, as the Institutional Mobility Coordinator will do this for these institutions

  1. You will see the institutional code appear in the box ‘geselecteerde instelling’ (2)
  2. Now click on the icon, right next to the box ‘contract’(3). A pop-up will open with a list of contracts with that university. Please select the contract you want to nominate the student for, press ok.
  3. Depending on the amount of valid cooperation conditions on the contract an 'Uitwisselingsafspraak' will be automatically be filled in. If no 'Uitwisselingsafspraak' has been pre-filled, click on the icon right next to the box 'Uitwisselingsafspraak'(4).  A pop-up will open with a list of cooperation conditions linked to the selected contract. Please select the cooperation condition you want to nominate the student for, press ok and press Save.
  4. The student is now connected to the relevant contract and cooperation condition, so in the management information we can see which students went to which partner.
  5. Furthermore, you will receive notification if the maximum number of nominations on that cooperation condition is reached. You can overrule this notification.
  6. It is possible for you to add or change the institutions of choice.  

o Now, go back to back to the screen ‘buitenland verblijf’ and change the status of ‘checklist: selectie door faculteit’ in ‘genomineerd’. Press Save.

o Now go to the overview menu (click on ‘Terug naar overzicht’), choose filter ‘Application nominated’, click on Zoeken and search for all students with the status nominated and change the status and decision for all students at once by selecting them, go to actions and change status to Afgehandeld and Besluit to Voorwaardelijk toegekend. OSIRIS will send an email to the selected students at the same time.

o In the e-mail with the decision, the student will be informed about the nomination.

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