6. Nomineren bij de partner

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I have selected a student for a partner institution and would like to update the nomination information regarding this student.

The new checklist 'Nominatie door faculteit of centraal IO' in 'Buitenlandverblijf' (2.1.90) allows you and your student to follow the status of their nomination.

We have added two items to the checklist:

  • Nominatieperiode (a text field that will hold everything, starting from a single date up to text such as 'February 2021')
  • Opmerking over de nominatie (another text field that holds any form of information you wish to record and share with the student)

Filling one of these fields (2) will make the checklist item and the provided answer visible to the student.

We have introduced the following statuses(1):

Status Remark
In afwachting van selectie
This status is not used but necessary for the implementation. The category is still closed and inaccessible.
Nog te nomineren Is given to the section upon selection of the student ('Voorwaardelijk toegekend' & 'Afgehandelt').
The section is now accessible.
Genomineerd To be used when a student has been nominated at the partner institution.
Nominatie bevestigd Use this status if you received a positive feedback from our partner institution regarding the submission of the nomination.
What does a student see?

Note that a student only sees a checklist item if you have provided an answer. The 'Nomination remarks' in the second picture are hidden because the field 'Opmerking over de nominatie' has been emptied/no answer has been given.

How can I get an overview of my students and their different nomination statuses?

We have created and shared 3 additional filters, one for each status.

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