How do I register grades? (SOW)

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Teachers can register grades in OSIRIS. In this instruction is shown which actions have to be executed.

Starting screen

Once you have entered the starting screen you will see several menu items.

  1. The menu buttons, you can switch menu with
  2. the faculty switch. If you are teacher of different faculties, you might have to switch faculties in order to find the right courses to add grades for
  3. the menu for personal settings
  4. the language switch
  5. This number indicates the number of students that have to be given a grade  
  6. This number indicates the number of pending grade lists. A grade list is a list of given grades that has to be signed in order to send it to the administration.
  7. The number indicates the number of grade-lists that are waiting for processing by the administration
  8. This badge can contain messages from the administration

To select a course to give grades, click on  the "Grades-badge" in the screen

Selecting a course to give grades

After clicking the Grades badge, you enter the screen above. here all the courses you are allowed to enter grades for, are listed.

  1. In this section you can add search criteria, to search the courses and tests you want to give grades to.
  2. This is a 'processing bar' that indicates the process  of given grades. Light grey indicates the number of grades that are yet to be given, Dark grey indicates the number of grades allready given, but not yet signed and sent to the administration, the "pending", and green indicates that the grades are given and sent to the  administration for further processing: "completed".
  3. here are the numbers of students in the different statuses: No grades, Pending and Completed
  4. This is the badge you can click on to enter the candidates for the test, that have registered.

Entereing the grades of the candidates for the test

You can enter the grades as follows:


  1. Enter the grade. You can do so, by using the numeric part of the keyboard, the alfa-numeric part, or by using the magnifying glass icon. By using the "enter" button on the keyboard, you will jump to the next line of candidate. The date of the test will be entered automatically, unless the date wasn't published yet, in that case you will have to enter it by yourself. But only on the first line, because when hitting the enter button of the keyboard, the date of the first line will be copied to all the next lines, so you only have to enter it once. You can deviate from the default test date as long as it is today or a date previous of today, and the date is between the start- and end dates of the block in which the test is held. Thus it is not possible to enter a date in the future!
  2. When a student didn't attend the exam, or didn't hand in the paper / essay etc. please leave the grade field blank.
  3. Click after entering the grades the "SAVE" button, if you do not want to sign the gradelist yet.   
  4. When you have finished entering the grades, you can also click the "SIGN" button right away without clicking the SAVE-button.

The set of grades of all candidates does not have to be complete. It is possible to sign a partial grade list. You do not have to wait with signing before every single candidate has a grade.

Signing the grades

The grades can be signed by clicking the "SIGN MANUALY" button. When the grades are signed, the faculty administration has to process the grades before students will be able to see the grades in OSIRIS Student.

  1. After clicking the "SIGN" button, in the screen will appear a notification stating that "The gradelist has been created succesfully for x-rows". This means that the gradelist is now electronicaly send tot the Education Service Desk of the faculty of Social Sciences.  Click on the pdf file in the browser, download the file and mail this file from your RU-email account to the tentamenteam FSW, e-mail [email protected].
  2. The tentamenteam  will confirm the grades and students will be notified about their obtained grades.  

It's also possible to sign the grades electronically. You can only sign electronically when you have activated the 2 factor authentication. If you haven't done this yet, please contact the Teaching Information Point, e-mail [email protected].

Once you sign the grades electronically, students will immediately see the grades in Osiris-student. It's not necessary anymore to send the PDF file to the Education Service Desk.


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