How to sign the submitted grades electronically? (SOW)

In release 6.17.2, which was taken in production in January 2018, it is possible to sign submitted grades electronically. Before teachers can use this feature, they need to be identified to secure their identity and ownership of the token (telephone). Radboud University strives for identification of all teachers who want to use this feature, in 2018.

The in OSIRIS submitted grades now can be signed electronically. The grades then will be automatically processed and visible for the student in OSIRIS Student. For this electronic signature the user needs a smartphone with the corresponding app. The teacher also needs to be registered as the user of the app to make sure the teacher is the actual submitter of the grades. You can compare this with online banking.

These work instructions will show how to sign the grades electronically.

To sign the submitted grades electronically you proceed as follows:

  1. After submitting the grades click the button “SIGN”.

You can now click the button “SIGN ELECTRONICALLY”.

Now you see the image below.

At the same time you get a push notification on your smartphone.

On your smartphone you do as follows:

  1. Here you can see the push notification of the “Tiqr” app.
  2. Select the notification by clicking it.
  3. At the “Tiqr” screen you click the button “OK”.
  4. Enter the four-digit code you chose by setting up the app. Click the button “OK”.

The screen of your tablet or PC will automatically go back to OSIRIS and it will show that the status of the just processed grades changed to “completed”. This means that the grades are also visible to students on OSIRIS student. They also get a push notification at the student app about their just processed grades.


If you didn’t get a push notification at your smartphone, do as follows:

You’ll still see the image below. Click the link “hier”. Now the QR-code appears. Scan this code with your phone by selecting “scannen” at the “Tiqr” app. Just like step 4 you have to enter your four-digit code and click “OK” to process the grades (see step 4).