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Create and manage KA131 contracts

Starting in september 2021 Erasmus KA131 contracts will be created, set-up and managed in Osiris.


  • You can view all contracts and manage KA131 contracts in menu 3.2.10.
  • In order to see all contracts of Radboud University go to 5.2.08 and uncheck 'Toon alleen gegevens eigen faculteit'.

Creating a new agreement

  1. Add a new contract by clicking on '+' (1)
  2. Give you contract a unique value for 'Contract' (2).
    By convention, every contract starts with O_RU followed by a number specific to your faculty.
    This number is then followed by a increasing number of 5 digits.
    i.e. the first contract of NWI would be O_RU600001
    Number assigned to faculties:
    1. FTR
    2. JUR
    3. LET
    4. MAN
    5. MED
    6. NWI
    7. SOW
    8. RU
  3. Give your contract a name ('Omschrijving')(3) according to the RU naming standard Faculty-Erasmuscode-Subjectarea
  4. Enter a start date (Ingangsdatum) and end date (Afloopdatum)(4).
  5. Select contract type (5) 'Erasmus KA-131' (or 'Erasmus KA-103' if 'Erasmus KA-131' is missing from the list)
  6. Select a 'Tekenbevoegde' (6).
  7. Set 'Actueel' to 'Nee'.
  8. Leave the rest of the data as is and save by clicking on 'Opslaan'.

Adding a partner to a contract

You can add an existing partner to your contract by switching to the 'Partners'(1) tab of your agreement and clicking on '+'(2).
Enter the 'Instelling' code or click on the search icon (3) to search for a partner institution.

Are you missing a partner institution in the list? Check menu 3.2.08 or CRM.
Is a partner missing? Partner institutions in Osiris are managed by the Osiris Key-Users of SLIM and colleagues of Student Admissions.
Please create the partner institution in CRM and ask a key-user (iosystems@ru.nl) to add it to Osiris.

Adding cooperation conditions ('uitwisselingsafspraken')

All contracts have cooperation conditions.
Each flow (in or out) of the different types of mobilities is a being registered on a separate cooperation condition.
A contract for in and outgoing student study mobilites and traineeship mobilities has there for four cooperation conditions.

Cooperation conditions are added and managed on the 'Uitwissleingsafspraken'(1) tab.
Here you can add one cooperation condition for each of the possible combinations of partner, direction, type, start & end academic year.

Add a condition by clicking on the '+' (2). The partner institution is automatically filled.
Start defining you condition by selecting a flow direction (3), a type (4), and filling the starting (5) and end (6) academic year of this condition.

Once this is done you can define the amount of mobilites and their length, as well as the EQF-levels (7) of those mobilities.

After saving your condition you may add language requirements (8) and a list of relevant ISCED codes (9) to your cooperation condition.