How to create an overview of courses for a programme or academic year

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Click Add Programme and select the Programme of Study

In the Programme of Study window, select the department (faculty) to get a list of programmes. Optionally, you may select a group in order to filter out unnecessary programmes. Also optional is the name of the programme. Click Add Timetable, then OK and Close.

Once again, you will see the timetable layout and on the right-hand side of the screen, a list of programmes of study and courses. Options to filter according to activity type (e.g., exams) or student sets/group and to select or deselect specific courses or programmes can be found in this window.

Click the Download icon (on the right, next to the button "+ Add Timetable") and then Printable PDF (List). 

You can now create and download a timetable for a specific period. On the next screen, click the checkboxes next to the desired options. Options 1-5 are generally handy for a complete overview, including supplementary information about specific courses or activity types.

In the calendar, click on the date corresponding to the first day of the desired period. A black tile will appear on that date and next to Start, the date will be filled in.

Use the arrows in the calendar to navigate to the last day of the desired period and  click on the date. This date will be filled in next to End. Click Download.

Optionally, you may choose one of the predefined periods (e.g., Today) from the list of options on the right-hand side.