Osiris Case: Internship and thesis application

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Login to Osiris us usual. Click on Cases and start a new case.

Click on 'Internship or thesis application' to start your case.

Select the study program for which you wish to submit a case and click submit.

Go to 'Active Cases', select the case you just started and complete the internship and thesis intake form. After completing the intake form, click on sumbit to send the form to your internship coordinator for approval.  

You can follow the progress of your case on the overview tab and see the the documents you submitted on the Documents & Forms tab 

If your intake form is approved you will be registered for the course in Osiris. 
If your intake form is not approved you will be notified by email: Go to your Case to check the remarks, make the required changes and submit your case again. Please note that you do not need to make a new Case.  

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