How to edit and check your course details

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Double click the course you want to edit or check

You will see an overview of the course information. Click details to check and edit the information.


On this page, you will find a list of already filled-out fields. The fields cannot be altered, but when incorrect, please provide the proper information to [email protected]

Instructional modes

Please ignore this page. You will be asked to enter information about the instructional modes under 'Descriptive fields - content'


On this page you can see which (partial) tests are listed for your course. After publication of the course guide, it will no longer be possible to change the information. Please pay extra attention to:

- the description
- the minimum grade
- the weighting

If the information on this page is incorrect, please send an email with the correct information to you education coordinator or to [email protected]. Always include the course code in your email.

This information should match the information under 'Descriptive fields - test information'.


On this page you can add or delete colleagues. Only colleagues who need to be able to enter grades into Osiris should be added here. Colleagues who are involved in teaching, but who do not need to enter grades can be added to Brightspace at any time by the course coordinator.

Note: The student evaluation form can show a maximum of three lecturers individually. When there are more than three lecturers, there will be one general question about the performance of the lecturers.

Role Description To Brightspace? To course dossier?
CONTACTPERSOON Contact person for the course No Yes
CURSUSCOOR Course coordinator Yes No
CURSUSINVOER Edit courses via Osiris cursusinvoer No No
DOCENT Lecturer Yes No
DOCENT_NZ Lecturer not visible in course guide No No
DOCENT_NZ_GR Lecturer not visible in course guide, no results No No
DOCENT_NZ_GR_LM Lecturer not visible in course guide, no results, to LMS Yes No
DOCENT_NZ_R_LMS Lecturer not visible in course guide, results, to LMS
Yes No
DOCENT_Z_GR Lecturer, no results Yes No

Materials and costs

Check if this list is up to date.

Descriptive fields

This is the most important field for students as it tells them what to expect from the course.

  1. Click 'Change'
  2. If you course is completely in English, only fill out the information in the fields were 'standard' text is requested. The text will automatically be transferred to the English fields in the course guide. If your course is in Dutch, you have to fill out a Dutch description in the standard text fields and an English translation in the English test fields.
  3. Check and edit the text
    • Aims: The learning outcomes of the course
    • Content: The subjects covered in the course. Are they up to date? We have added the option to describe the instructional modes of the course. Please include this information as it can be relevant for students to decide whether of not they want to take the course.
    • Level
    • Presumed foreknowledge: Please pay special attention to what knowledge you expect students to have when starting this course, especially master's courses. When possible, refer to courses including course codes.
    • Test information: The assessment of the course. Does this match the information under 'Tests'? Include the type of test(s) and if applicable the weighting and minimum grade of the test(s). N.B. note that in case of multiple test, including one final exam, the rules and regulations state that the minimum grade of this final exam should be at least a 5.0.
    • Specifics: Any information that did not fit in any of the prior fields.
  4. Click 'Ready'

Approve course

If the course information is correct you can approve the course.

1. Click "Approve current step".
2. Click "OK"

Note: when you approve the course, you cannot edit the course anymore. You can still see the course if select the filter "Total overview" in the home screen.

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