How do I start a Case for my Internship application?

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This instruction shows you how to submit your Internship application to the Examination Board for approval.

Make sure to allow popups from https://osiris.ru.nl  in your browser.

Go to OSIRIS Case

Go to OSIRIS Student, log in and click on HOME. Then click on OSIRIS CASES (depending on your screen settings this may also be on the bottom of your screen).

Start a new Case

Start your Internship application by clicking on Start case.

Choose Internship application

Select the Case you wish to start and click on Start.

The application consists of two steps:

  • Starting the Case
  • Submitting the Case

Choose your study programme

Select the study programme for which you wish to submit a case and click on Submit.

This starts the case and generates the following confirmation. Click on OK.

Fill in the details of your Internship application

You will notice the remark: Action required!

Now click on Details and the following screen will appear.

Click on the form Internship application to fill in the internship details in the form and upload your internship plan.

Explanatory notes on the application form:

  • Choose the right study programme
  • Choose the internship course corresponding to the phase of the study programme you are in (for BMS this is the general or profile internship, and the appropriate size of the internship in EC).
  • The academic year in which you are going to do your internship.

When you have made a mistake, you can withdraw your Case by clicking on the Withdraw case-button. You can then start a new Case.

Please note: all rules marked with a * are mandatory.

When you have filled in everything, click on Next and the following screen appears.

Upload your Internship plan

Now upload your Internship plan (add a comment if necessary) and click on Save.

Subsequently, click on Submit

For now, you're done. On this page you can monitor your progress.

If you have any questions about submitting your Internship application or the further course of the case, please contact your STIP.

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