Internship - Starting an internship assessment

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Target: Students will be able to start their internship assessment through Osiris Case (Osiris Zaak)

For: Students from the Faculty of Arts

Before you start this Internship assessment, be sure you are enrolled on the Intership course of your programme in the current academic year

Login to Osiris as usual. On the Home tab go to ‘Cases’ (‘Zaken’ in Dutch)

On the next screen: select the red '+'-button at the bottom of the screen

Select the desired study programme and click 'Submit'

1. Open the Internship data -assessment form to fill out your internship credentials
2. After saving this assessment form. DON'T FORGET to click 'Submit'. By doing this, the form and your Internship report will be sent to your supervisor. You will receive a confirmation email right after this action.

Example of Assessment form and Progress overview below

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