Registration for a minor and (inter)disciplinary package

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This manual explains step by step how to enroll for a minor of 40 EC, including the associated (inter)disciplinary package, which applies to students who started their bachelor's program in September 2018 or later.

PLEASE NOTE: these instructions do not apply to registration for the Free Minor. Students are automatically registered for this minor when the request regarding 30 EC elective space is processed.

Follow the steps below to ensure that all courses are in the right place in your Study Progress Overview (SVO).

1. Login to Osiris Student. Choose Enrol > then choose Specialisation

2. In the screen Specialisation, choose one of the 11 thematic minors, the Study abroad minor or the Teacher-training minor. Look here for information about the offer.

3. 'Confirm' the registration on the next screen!

4. Now you can choose the (inter)disciplinary package under Minor. (This step does not apply to the Study abroad minor or the Teacher-training minor)

5. Tip: Search the keyword 'disciplinary' or 'interdisciplinary' within the wide range of minors.


6. 'Confirm' registration again on the next screen!

7. Under Show my registrations you can check the selected packages.

8. In the My registrations screen, choose Specialisations and / or Minors to check your choices. From now on, these are also visible in your Study Progress Overview (SVO).

* If you want to unsubscribe, you can also do this in this screen using the Unsubscribe button at the top right.

9. Now that you have registered for the minor (via Specialization) and the (inter) disciplinary package (via Minor), you still have to register for all individual courses that you want to follow. Choose Register > then choose Course.

Under My program, indicate that you want to search for the courses from the chosen minor and the (inter) disciplinary package.

Note: Sometimes you can't register for a course from a different faculty (course code MAN-.. or FTR-..). If so, please refer to the specific interdisciplinary package in the minor guide. It will probably indicate that you have to send an email to STIP Letteren ( [email protected] ) with a request to register for the course(s) concerned. Don't forget to mention the course code(s).

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