What are the requirements for an excel grade file to be read in OSIRIS Teacher?

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An excel file with grade results can easily be imported ('read') in OSIRIS. This instruction states the requirements that this file must meet in order to make reading the file possible.

Importing a file with results is only possible with a file in the xlsx-format, and with the format shown below. When entering results into the Excel sheet, please make sure that the fields that have already been filled out are not changed, otherwise errors will occur during the import into OSIRIS. 

The file created looks like the one above.

1. In the column "Test date" the date of the test has to be entered. This date may only lie between the first date of the block in which the test falls and the current date (it is therefore not possible to give a result in the future).

2. The result per student must be entered in the column Result, but please note that this should not contain an Excel formula, as this would result in error messages during import. Also, the result to be filled in must be allowed in the Result scale shown.

It is not necessary to provide all students with a result. However, a result must always have a test date.  

When you put the results of different parts/questions into an Excel sheet and then calculate a final result for the different parts/questions, for example by calculating the average, you may end up with a result that has several decimals.

OSIRIS will only accept results that meet the maximum number of decimals set in the course (usually 2).  The column of results to be imported will therefore have to have a maximum number of decimals. Use the Excel function "=Round(number;number of decimals)" to round the result to the maximum allowed number of decimals.  

Saving the file

After you have entered the results, you must save the file. Preferably do this on a network drive under your own name, so the file can only be read by you. Delete the file after it has been imported, so that no data leak can occur because the file has been 'found' by unauthorised persons.

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