How do I find student information in OSIRIS Teacher and how can I use and change it?

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Navigate the main menu as follows:

  1.  The menu with the options of OSIRIS Teacher available to you, based on your authorisation profile.
  2. The 'Student' bar on the homepage.
  3. The button by which you return to the main menu from a particular screen.
  4. If you are employed by more than one faculty, you can check this box to limit the information shown to your current faculty.

Selecting students

Click on the 'Student' bar to access the Student-menu's available to you. Each menu-options starts with search filters. Each faculty has defined its own standard filters, that can be accessed by clicking on the

  1. Little black arrow: you will find a list of predetermined filtersets
  2. Clicking on the three ... gives you an option to make one of the predefined selection filters your default selection
  3. When you are linked in OSIRIS to your (mentor) students, this filter should be Yes', when you are not personally linked in OSIRIS, this filter should be set to ' No'.
  4. Of course you can always look up students by using their studentnumber.

Click on "search" to execute the search with the selected filter options.The filter options that are available are maintained by the local OSIRIS key user of your faculty. If you want a filter option that is not available, please contact your local OSIRIS key user.

The selected students will be listed

You will find more information by clicking on a student.

Personal details

This page lists items such as

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Previous education details
  • Degree programma information
  • Obtained
  • Additional information fields

1. When you have selected more than 1 student, you can switch between students by clicking on the arrow button listed on the top of the page, or you can enter a new studentnumber to stay on this page and look up the information from another student.


This screen offer the following functionality:

  1. The supervisors to whom the student is linked can be consulted. When you click on the e-mail address shown, your default e-mail programme will open so you can send an e-mail to this supervisor.
  2. When authorised to do so, you can link a new supervisor here.
  3. Historical information about the supervisors becomes visible when you check this box.
  4. New facilities can be added.


  1. Click on 'New facility' to open the subscreen.
  2. Add a new facility.
  3. Click Save to register this facility.

When you choose 'Assigned automatically'= No, the student will have to apply for this facility per individual test. When you choose 'Yes', the student is automatically registered for this facility whenever appropriate.

Consult your faculty about the policy whether to put this on Yes or No.


  1. This page lists the Notes made by you, or the Notes made by others and shared with you.
  2. By clicking on New Note, you can make a new Note.

Users can set the default security level of notes as follows:

Go to 'My details' by clicking on the arrow next to your name.

Click on 'Change' to change your default settings.

Documents (documents that the student advisor is authorized to see will be shown here).

Enrolments (courses, tests, minors, specialisations)

This page listst enrolments for courses, test, minors and specialisations.


The screen with the results obtained by the student looks like this.  

  1. Search field to search within the courses found
  2. Sorting options of the courses found
  3. Test results obtained by the student
  4. The test date of the result

Consult study progress

The study progress overview (SVO) can be consulted on this screen. The overview contains a number of sections:

  1. These checkboxes allow you to limit or expand the SVO.
  2. The  degree programme which forms the basis of the SVO.
  3. Progress indicator: this shows graphically how far the student is in the selected programme.
  4. Shows the exam type of the degree programme.
  5. This bar shows the total number of credits of the degree programme and the credits actually obtained by the student. Below this, a lower level addition is shown, in this case of the "first year bachelor courses" in the examination programme.
  6. Here, the courses the student needs to/has obtain(ed) are listed (depending on the checkmarks at 1).  For each course, the separate tests taken are shown as well as the overall grade (the so-called "valid result").

Study advice

This screen shows the study advice that has been given.


This page listst the Cases you are authorised to consult or initiate.

Generate/print student reports

A number of student reports can be printed, to do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the "Reports" tab
  2. Choose one of the available reports
  3. At the bottom of the menu bar of your browser the requested report will be shown as a PDF. Click on it and it will open in the default PDF reader

Select an action

When you have selected multiple students, you can perform group actions by first selecting the students.

Click on 'Make selection'.

  1. Select/de-select all rows
  2. Or select specific row by checking the box

Open the 'Actions' list to see which actions you can perform for the selected students (they depend on your authorisation profile).

The options are:

  • Adding/Deleting 'characteristics'. These are "labels" that you personally assign to students. You can assign several to a student. Other users or students cannot see these labels. Removing labels goes in the same way. These labels can be used later when you want to select students.
  • Send e-mail. Note that you send an e-mail here using your default e-mail program. The e-mail will therefore not end up as a message in OSIRIS and will be visible to the student in OSIRIS. The e-mail addresses are placed in the 'bcc' field of Outlook so that the addressees cannot see the addresses of the other addressees.
  • Create a new note. This can be for a single student or for a group. In that case the text.will be placed with all students.  
  • Make a passport photo list of all selected students
  • Make an excel file of all selected students.Make a group list of all selected students
  • Create a list of results ('result summary')
  • Make a student group of all selected students
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