How do I log in and log out?

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OSIRIS Docent - Begeleider is uiteraard beveiligd met een username en password. In deze instructie staat beschreven waar je OSIRIS Docent - Begeleider kunt vinden en hoe je kunt inloggen en uitloggen.

Go to https://osiris.ru.nl/docent

You are entering the surf-conext authentication screen. Choose one of the options:

  1. "Radboud University" when you have a  U- or E-number to log in with
  2. "Use another account" when you have a Z-number to log in with

Once you have made your choice, the next time you will return, the choice you made is saved, so you only have to enter the highlighted option.

Ga naar http://sis.ru.nl/osiris_begeleider

To start  OSIRIS Teacher go to  https://osiris.ru.nl/docent You will get to the screen above. If needed, change the language settings from NL (Dutch)  to EN (English).

To log in use the username and password provided to you by the radboud University. They are the same as the onces you use to log in to the network wirth your computer. Your username will start with a U-, E- or a Z-. The password you set yourself when you activated your acount. After filling in the username and password, click the "Login" button.

First time log in

When you log-in for the first time, you will receive the message above. Currently it is only availlable in Dutch. Please click on the button with the text "Ja, ga door naar Osiris prd | RU". Once you have completed the first time login, you the next time you will not receive this message again.

The main screen

Depending on what authorisation you have you will see the screen elements above.

  1. The menu buttons provide you with an easy way to access the different menu parts. These buttons / menu dropdowns are always available, and can be handy when you have to switch from one function to another.
  2. The faculty drop down. Only if you are working for more than one faculty, you need to choose here for which faculty you are performing your tasks. Note that the elements in the screen might change when you change faculties because you might have different authorisations.
  3. This is the name of the user you are currently logged in with.
  4. The help button. There is a set of instructions on how to work with OSIRIS Teacher,0 you can find a link to these online instructions here.
  5. The language change button.  Languages supported are Dutch and English.
  6. The student badge. Click on the badge to enter the section in which you can search for information on students. depending on your authorisation, you have access to this badge.
  7. This number indicates the students you have made notes on, recently. By clicking the number you will be transferred to the specific notes on the students. This can be handy when searching for students you saw recently in a counseling session. Teachers will not have normally this option.
  8. The grade badge. When you click on this badge you will be transferred to the screen where you can enter grades for students that are enrolled in the tests of the courses, of which you are teacher.
  9. This number indicates the number of grades that still have to be entered.
  10. This number indicates the grade lists waiting for processing by the faculty administration. After you have signed a gradelist in OSIRIS, you have to send a printed hard copy of it, and send it to the faculty administration, so the final processing can be done, and the grades are available for the students that took the test in OSIRIS Student. In the example above one grade list is waiting and is not due, 2 other grade lists are waiting for processing and are due (the red number indicates the processing of the gradelists by the faculty administration is due).
  11. The messages badge. If there are new messages for you this badge will indicate that.

Log out

You can log out by selecting the Logout option from the drop down list under your username.

Now you will return to the surf-conext login screen.

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