How can I create an Excel list of test candidates (to import results in OSIRIS)?

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It is possible to make an Excel list of the participants enrolled in a test.  This Excel list can be used to record results which can then be imported ('read') in OSIRIS.

This working instruction describes how this is done. 

Select the proper test

Select the course and subsequently the test of which you want to make an Excel list by clicking on the course and then the test line.

Create the file with test candidates

Click on the "ACTIONS" button and select the "Create file" option.

Download the file with test candidates

Depending on the browser, it will now show that the file is available for download. In the example above (from Google Chrome), the file is shown in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser. Click on the file to open it. The file name will consist of the title of the course and the name of the test. In the example above this is: Grades_LET-ETCAMB108_Exam_take_home01-03-2022_1651.xlsx

Please note that the file contains a number of rows (the first 6 rows!) that must remain unchanged in order for the file to be read again.

Above is an example of a file that can be read in OSIRIS. Test date and result can be recorded in the Excel sheet. Then save the document as an .xlsx file. Now it can be read in OSIRIS.

(See the next instruction).

Please note: if you want to calculate the end result from a number of partial results in an Excel sheet, please make sure that the column with the end result (column heading "Result") does not contain any formulas, but a real number. If there is a formula, OSIRIS will give an error when reading the result.


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