How can I find a course when I don't know the course code?

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This instruction explains how you can find a course when you do not know the course code.

Go to GRADE in your Teacher dashboard

Determine your search criteria

  1. To expand your options, it is best to select the 'Show only tests where a grade can be registered?' parameter NO or leave it blank.
  2. Click the icon next to 'Course code'

Fill in a keyword (use % as a wildcard)

  1. Under 'Description', enter a keyword surrounded by %. All descriptions containing that word will then be searched.
  2. In the case of this search term, it should return two results: courses that include the word 'brain' in the course name.
  3. A tick mark can also be placed next to the relevant courses.
  4. To get the desired search result, click on SEARCH,
  5. or click OK or ENTER.
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