How do I sign results that have been recorded by my substitute teacher?

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If a teacher is unable to enter results in OSIRIS Docent, he or she can delegate this task to a substitute. This substitute must be registered in OSIRIS Basic as your replacement for the test. Usually the Education Administration will take care of the registration of the substitutes. 

This instruction shows you how to sign results that have been registered by your substitute. 

In the OSIRIS Docent start screen, click on the number for "Pending grade list(s)"

nb This is a test example with only 1 grade list to sign.

Open, select and sign the results

  1. Open the results, OR
  2. Click on Sign Electronically (you are then redirected to the Tiqr app), OR
  3. Click on Make a Selection.
  1. Place a checkmark in the box Not yet submitted.
  2. Then click Sign Electronically.

You do not need to check the grades entered by your substitute teacher, but of course you can, if you wish to do so.

  1. Here you can see the results that were given by your substitute.
  2. Here the name of your substitute is listed.
  3. Your name as lecturer is mentioned in this column.

Use the Tiqr app to authorize your signature

When you click on Sign Electronically, you will be redirected to the Tiqr app or YubiKey to authorize the signing (see also How do I sign results electronically?)

The results have now been moved from Pending to Completed Grades

The results are final and visible to the student immediately after electronic signing.

Depending on the faculty, a final result can still be corrected a few days later by the lecturer via OSIRIS Docent (see the following instruction: How do I update a grade I already signed?)

If your faculty does not have a period in which final results can be changed, an adjustment of a final result can only be done via the Student Administration.

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