How can I update a grade I already signed?

Definitive grades can be corrected up to a maximum of 15 days after the original (elektronic) signature. This instruction shows how to do this.

Go to: > Grade [Resultaat]

Click on the badge 'Grade' in the dashboard.

Find the course [cursus] for which you want to change grades.

Click on the badge of the test of which you want to change one or more grades.

Select the grade you want to change.

If there are no students with grades on the screen, click the SEARCH button if necessary. Once the grades have appeared, click on the button behind the grade and select the option 'Correct result'[Corrigeer resultaat].

Attention: make sure that the filter 'TEST GRADES [TOETSRESULTATEN]' (*Show only students for whon grades may be entered?) is set to 'No', otherwise the already entered and definitive grades will not be shown! (see image above).

If you want to correct the grade for multiple students at the same time, proceed as follows.

Select the students whose grades need to be changed.

Proceed as follows

  1. Click on the 'SELECTION [SELECTIE]'button.
  2. Select the results you want to change.
  3. Click on the 'ACTIONS [ACTIES]' button and select 'Correct grade [Corrigeer resultaat]'.

Indicate if you want to continue correcting [corrigeer] the already definitive grades. At the bottom of the screen you will now see the message "the action 'Correct grade'has been successfully performed for x row(s)".

Correct the grades

Finally, click on the SIGN button to sign the grade(s) you just corrected. After the grades are changed you will see that they have been changed [Resultaat is gecorrigeerd] , when and by whom (see below).