OSIRISOSIRISOSIRIS Teacher - Advisor Grades (for tutors)How can I add a student to a list of candidates?

How can I add a student to a list of candidates?

A teacher can add a student that was not registered for a test, to the list of test candidates. However, not every department  allows teachers to do so. Students are supposed to register for tests in advance, so that the  entry requirements for the test can be  checked by OSIRIS.

Select the course

Select the course / test  you want to add the student to.

Select the action "Add student"

Select the action link "Add student" from the action menu.

Note that only the department that allows teachers to add students to the list, have this option.

Select the student you want to add to the list

  1. Perform a search to look up the student you want to add to the list.
  2. select the checkbox at the right end of the 'badge' with te student name
  3. click the green "ADD" button.

If you have selected more than one student in the search you have performed, than you can add  all students at once, by selecting all the checkboxes, and then press the ADD buton.

If a student is on the list be aware of the fact that this might have a reason. Perhaps the student did not meet the entry requirements when he tried to register for the test in the first place. By adding the student afterwards,you might bypass these entry requirements, set in  the course. Consider when you decide to add the student, that you are ignoring these entry requirements, for the student.