How can I unsubscribe from a course?

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You can unsubscribe from courses in OSIRIS. However, this action depends on the cancellation period connected to the registration period for the course. In some cases it is no longer possible to cancel a course registration. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Information Point of the faculty of your study programme.

Please note: Exchange students can no longer (un)register for courses themselves. Course registration will be done for them on the basis of their learning agreement. Any questions this may cause can to be addressed to their faculty contact person.

Go to: > Registration

Select the menu button at the top left of the Home page and choose 'Register'.

Now select the "SHOW MY REGISTRATIONS" link.

Select the course you want to unsubscribe from.

Now select the "UNSUBSCRIBE COURSE" button at the bottom of the page. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your deregistration in your  Radboud University mail account.

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