How can I check the calculation of my final grade?

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OSIRIS calculates a final grade for a course on the basis of a weighting and the grade achieved. This instruction shows you how to check the calculation.

Click the grades button and select a grade.

Once you have selected the result, go to the 'Final grade' tab. There you will see the partial grades, which count towards the end final grade. In the example above, three results have been obtained, all with 5 decimal places. The weighting of the results is 80, 15 and 5 respectively. Based on this, OSIRIS calculates the final result at 7.0. Final results are always rounded off to full and half decimals, with the exception of the 5.5 grade which will not be calculated.

In the example above you can see that the test 'Written exam' has been taken, resulting in a 2. The 'Presence' test has not yet been taken. Therefore, OSIRIS cannot calculate an final grade ('You do not have a final result for all tests').  

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