What is the deadline for registering a course or a test?

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The deadline for a test is 5 working days before the test date. Weekends and holidays are not included. This period enables the Radboud University to optimally carry out the logistical process facilitating the examinations. Because it may not always be clear what the last  date for registering is due to public holidays, the deadline also shown in OSIRIS for each test. In this instruction we will show how to look up the latest registration date for a test.

Go to: > Course catalog

Select the menu button in the upper left corner of the home page, and choose 'Course catalog'.

Now select the course for which you want to register for one of the tests by clicking on the course.

Now go to the tab "Test enlorment".

For each test, the startdate and enddate for registering is shown. In the example above, the test in block KW2 is on 1-14-2020 and you can therefore register until 6-1-2020 until 11:59 PM.  

NOTE: it is possible that the registration for a test is closed at a specific time of the day in stead of just the date. In that case, the time of closing the date will also be adjusted to that closing date, so that during the last day of registering, registering will  be closed.

TIP: You can also easily search for all tests that are open for registration. Click here to see how it works.

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