Who is my study advisor?

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Study advice is arranged per faculty. The way in which this is done may vary from one faculty to another or from one programme to another. A number of faculties link students to student advisors. If this is the case, the student advisor who is linked to you will be visible in OSIRIS. If there is no student advisor linked to you, please consult the study guide of your study programme to see how the advice for your study programme is organised.

Go to: > Begeleiders

Select the menu button at the top left of the start page, and select 'Tutors'.

You can see the different roles of the study advisors, for example Student Advisor or Mentor. You can also see the context of the role, for example 'All my degree programmes' or for a specific programme.  By clicking on an instructor, you select a detailed screen with information about the accessibility of the study advisor.

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