How can I check messages sent by the Radboud University?

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The Radboud University usually sends messages to students at the e-mail address @student.ru.nl, of the Radboud University.  Only in case  enrolment and exam / unenrolment, this procedure is sometimes deviated from, because as a student, you might not have access to your RU mail in these situations. The mails sent from OSIRIS will be shown in OSIRIS. These can be messages sent by employees, but also messages that are sent automatically from OSIRIS, for example as a notification of  registering for a course or a test. Not all messages you get from Radboud University can be found here. Mails are also sent from Outlook, and other applications such as Brightspace, which are not shown here. The messages are stored in accordance with the OSIRIS retention and deletion policy at Radboud University.    

Select the mesaages button

Click the 'Messages' button to go to the overview of the messages. The most recent messages are also shown in the home screen of OSIRIS. Below the message header you will find them sorted by time (the most recent one at the top).  Messages with a red dot have not yet been read by you. Click on the message to read it.

Example of a message sent automatically from OSIRIS. Use the < and > buttons to scroll through messages.

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