How do I register for a profile (students Biomedical Sciences)?

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Each master's student Biomedical Sciences must choose a professional profile (research, communication or consultancy). This is necessary to be able to keep track of study progress in a correct way and to pass the master's examination. Each students chooses one of the three profiles by registering for a specialization within the master's examination programme.

Log in to OSIRIS student, click the register icon (1) and choose 'specialisation' (2).

Select one of the three specialisations (1) and confirm your registration (2). You will receive a notification if your registration is successful.

How can I change my specialisation?

It is possible to change your specialisation. Discuss this with your mentor first. In OSIRIS, you can change your specialisation: 

  1. Unsubscribe from the specialisation via the home screen by clicking on 'my registrations' and then on 'specialisations' (1).
  2. Click on 'unsubscribe specialisation' (2).
  3. Register another specialisation by following the previous steps.


It's technically possible in OSIRIS to register for more than one specialisation at the same time. This is not permitted in the Biomedical Sciences master and causes a non-correct study progress overview.

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