Where can I find the notes about me?

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Employees, supervisors, student advisors, psychologists, members of an examination board, etc. can make notes about students. These notes are visible to students in OSIRIS if set up in this way. These notes can be shared by their creator with other Radboud University staff. If a note is shared, it is visible whom the note is shared with.

Go to: > Notes

Select the menu button at the top left of the start page, and choose 'Notes'.

At the notes page you can see all the notes that have been made on you. They are sorted by date (most recent at the top).  In addition, notes can also be an 'action point'. In that case there is also a deadline attached. This is also shown in green if the deadline has not yet passed and in red if the deadline has passed. A document can also be linked to a note. This is then visible  by a paperclip icon behind the note. Each note has an owner, that is the one who wrote the note. In the overview above, the names of the owners have been made invisible for privacy reasons.

As a student, you can respond to a note. If there is a number between brackets behind the name of the owner of the note, it means that there have been a number of responses to the note, as well as of the student side as of the owners side of the note.

How to respond to a note?

In the note above you can see the student's reactions to the note. By clicking on the button 'Add REACTION' you can add a reaction.

Type a comment on the note and click on save. The owner of the note will now receive a message that you have responded.

You can also optionally attach a document to the note. Not all document types are accepted.

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