Where can I find the grades of my tests?

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All test results that count towards your study progress are registered in OSIRIS. You can find them all at once.

Click the grades button

You will now be taken to the menu where all your grades are listed, in order of the academic year.

Select a grade to see the details.

You now have three tabs at your disposal:

  1. Details.
  2. Final grade
  3. Leaderboard

With the < and > button you can scroll through the list of all grades.


Here you can see the grade of the test, which test 'Assagnments') with possibly a description of the subject (in this case 'FDSTUDNRSUN)'. The test date is also shown, as well as the date on which it was last updated.

Final grade

This tab shows the final grade of the course to which the test grade belongs. The final grade can consist of more than one grades, OSIRIS calculate the final grade out of the test grades.


At this tab you can see how the grade you obtained compares to the grades obtaind by other student who also took the same test.

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