How can I log in in OSIRIS Student?

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You can log in  in OSIRIS Studentwith your  studentnumber as  username using a 's' as prefix. For exemple: s1234567.  During log in username and passwrd will be confirmed by  Surfconext. At the first time log in, several screens will apear asking for consent on permission.    

Go to: https://osiris.ru.nl to log in

Choose Radboud University (also if you are a student from the Faculty of Medical Sciences).

At the first time log in, you will be asked for permission to share data between the OSIRIS database and the OSIRIS Student application. Click on "Continue to OSIRIS" to give the OSIRIS Student application access to your data in OSIRIS. Next time you log in these steps will not show up again.

Log in

To log in use your studentnumber as username, with a 's' as prefix.

Attention: In OSIRIS Case and OSIRIS Stay abroad (https://sis.ru.nl/osiris-student) the username is without the 's' prefix!

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