How do I log in and log out? (Radboudumc)

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OSIRIS Docent - Begeleider is secured with an username and password.  In these instructions is described how to log in and log out in Osiris Docent - Begeleider.

Go to https://osiris.ru.nl/docent. Use the browser Google Chrome.

If you are working outside the Radboudumc office, next screen appears. If you are working at a zero client with your z-number, you are automatically directed to OSIRIS without having to use your login.

Ga naar http://sis.ru.nl/osiris_begeleider

 You will get to the screen above. If needed, change the language settings from NL (Dutch)  to EN (English).

To log in use the username and password provided to you by the Radboud University. They are the same as the once you use to log in to the network on your computer. Your username will start with a U-, E- or a Z-. The password you set yourself when you activated your account. After filling in the username and password, click the "Login" button.

To log in from your zero client, choose Radboudumc to login to OSIRIS docent.

First time log in

When you log-in for the first time, you will receive the message above. Currently it is only availlable in Dutch. Please click on the button with the text "Ja, ga door naar Osiris prd | RU". Once you have completed the first time login, the next time you will not receive this message again.

Log out

You can log out by selecting the Logout option from the drop down list under your username. After this, you return to the login screen.

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