Internship application: approval External Supervisor

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This work instructions describes the actions the External Supervisor should perform in the role of External Assessor in OSIRIS Case, in order to approve or reject the Internship application submitted by a student.

This work instruction has been written specifically for the Faculty Medical Sciences.

The External Supervisor receives an e-mail with a request to evaluate an Internship application

Click on Open activity to create an account. Once the account is created, the link gives access to the login screen.

Create an account

You create an account for OSIRIS Case by entering a password (twice). Then click on Register.

Please remember your password to be able to log in again next time.


1. Click on Internship application to view the Internship application. The Internship application form appears and consists of two parts:

  • Details (the information regarding location, start date, duration of the internship etc etera).
  • Background (the internship plan uploaded by the student).

After having viewed both items, please return to the previous screen by clicking on Back.

2. Click on the form First control.

If you agree with the internship application, please select Yes (twice). Then click on Save.

When you do not agree with the Internship application, please select No (twice). Use the field Remarks to explain  why you do not agree. Then click on Save.

Once you have clicked the Save button, the following screen will appear.

If the Internship application meets the requirements, click on Agree.

If the Internship application does not meet the requirements, click on Do not OK - Back. In the next screen you fill in an explanation and click on Agree.
Internship application will be returned to the student. The student can modify the application and re-submit it. You will receive a new notification.

You will see the screen below and can close the browser session.

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