Osiris Case: Internship/Thesis Assessment First Assessor

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After the student has submitted the thesis / internship report in Osiris Case, you will be asked by email to evaluate the thesis/ internship.

1. You can login onto Osiris Teacher and go to the 'Case'(Zaak) tab.

2. Click on 'Search' first to show the active Cases assigned to you.

3. Find the student for which you need to evaluate the report / thesis (the title of the Case will be 'Assessment of Internship / Thesis') and click on it to be able to open the Case.

You can find the report / thesis under 'Internship / Thesis data'.

4. If you are ready for evaluation, click 'First assessment form'.

A screen will popup. The course-code of the internship/thesis is already selected (you need this later for registration of the grade).

A page will open in which you can download the appropriate form.

As first assessor, you need to evaluate all aspects of the internship / thesis*. If you are not the daily supervisor, please discuss the results with them.  
* In case of an external internship it might be that the external daily supervisor is also approved second assessor (check this with the student). If that is the case, you only need to evaluate the report/presentation in the assessment form. The external daily supervisor will evaluate all aspects of the internship / thesis. You still need to determine the final grade for the student since the external daily supervisor has no access to Osiris.

6. After having finished the evaluation form, go back to Osiris Teacher, upload the form (1), and give your grade in the dropdown menu (2). Click 'Save' (3).

7. The popup closes, after which you can click 'completed' (In case the student has uploaded the wrong file, you can click 'Not oke, back to student' so that the student can make a new upload).

The final step is to determine and register the final grade.
* In case of a  final paper ( 2 assessors involved), you will receive a message for this after the second assessor has evaluated the report / thesis.
** In case of a second internship, literature thesis, review article or research proposal, you can go immediately to the Case for determining the final assessment.  

8. Go to the Case tab in Osiris Teacher again, click search and find the student for which you need to determine the final grade. Click on the Case to open it.

You will see an overview with the report / thesis, your own evaluation and the evaluation of the second assessor (if applicable).
* In case of a second internship, literature thesis, review article or research proposal you can click 'completed' immediately (then go to step 12 in this manual).

9. To determine the final grade, click the corresponding heading.

You will see both grades on which you can base your final grade. If your grade deviates >1 point from that of the second assessor, you are asked to discuss with the second assessor why your grades are >1 point apart before you submit a final grade.

10. If both grade are <1 point apart, you can open the dropdown and give a final grade (1). Click 'Save' (2).

11. Click 'Completed'.

The final step is to register the grade of the student in Osiris.
*NOTE: For NWI-IBC033, the Bachelor Thesis Computing Science, the internship coordinators will register the grade!

12. Go to the 'Grade' menu.

(If necessary, select 'Yes' in the menu 'Show only tests where a grade can be registered?' to refine the selection).

13. Find the course-code of the thesis / internship you have to grade the student for and click on it to open.

14. Find the specific student by using the left menu.

15. Fill in the grade (1) and the test date (2).

16. Click 'Sign' in the right upper corner.

17. Click 'Sign manually' or 'Sign electronically' depending on your preference.

To sign electronically, you should have the TiQr app, contact [email protected] if you want to make use of this app. Instructions for how to sign electronically can be found here.

18. If you sign manually, a PDF will download. Sign this pdf and send it to [email protected] so that they can register the grade.

The grade will then be visible for the student.