How do I register grades? (Radboudumc)

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This article shows how grades are registered in OSIRIS by examinators.


Once you have entered the home screen, you see several menu items.

Explanation of the numbers:

  1. Dashboard button to return to Home screen
  2. Faculty switch. If you are teacher at different faculties, you might have to switch between faculties in order to find the right courses to register grades for
  3. Menu for personal settings (visibible in OSIRIS student)
  4. Language switch
  5. Number of students for which a test must be registered  by the examinator
  6. Number of pending grade lists (grades to be signed by examinator in order to send to the administration).
  7. Number of grade-lists waiting for processing by the administration
  8. Messages from the administration

To select a course/test to register grades, click on  the "Grades-badge" in the screen.

Selecting a course to register grades

After clicking the Grades badge, you enter the screen above.

Explanation of numbers:

  1. Left part of the screen: search options (filled with standard search options set by the faculty). You may change this search options if you want to search other courses.
  2. 'Processing bar' that indicates the process  of given grades. Light grey indicates the number of grades that are yet to be given, Dark grey indicates the number of grades allready given, but not yet signed and sent to the administration, the "pending", and green indicates that the grades are given and sent to the  administration for further processing: "completed".
  3. Numbers of students in different statuses: No grades, Pending and Completed
  4. Badge you can click on to see the candidates for the test and register grades. Click on a badge to register grades.

Entering the grades for the test - two different ways

There are two ways to register grades for a test:

A. Enter the grade and date directly in the list of candidates in OSIRIS

B. Via an Excel file, created en read by OSIRIS.

You find an explanation of both ways below.

Option A. Entering grades directly in OSIRIS

Enter grades directly in OSIRIS:

  1. Check the information about the test (right partial test, weight, grading scale, opportunity).
  2. Enter the grade. You can use the numeric part of the keyboard, the alfa-numeric part or by using the magnifying glass icon. For decimals, OSIRIS allows either "." and ",". By using the "enter" button on the keyboard, you jump to the next candidate. The date of the test will be entered automatically.
  3. If you don't want to sign the gradelist yet, you click on the "SAVE" button. After saving, you can correct the grades within 24 hours.
  4. After finishing, click on the "SIGN" button. It's also possible to sign without saving first.

The set of grades of all candidates does not have to be complete. It is possible to sign a partial grade list. You do not have to wait with signing before every single candidate has a grade.

Option B: Entering grades using an Excel file

  1. Create an Excel file for registering grades by clicking 'actions' and 'create file'. An Excel file will be created with a list of candidates.
  2. Don't change anything in the cells and the name of the file! Otherwise, OSIRIS can't read the file with the results.
  3. Fill out the grades and the test date in this cells. You don't have to fill out other cells.
  4. Save the file on a safe place in your computer. Don't use an usb-stick. Save the file no longer as strictly necessary. The safest place for grades is OSIRIS!
  5. Choose 'read file' in OSIRIS. Fill out the right test date and select the right Excel file. Click 'OK' and the file will be imported in OSIRIS. The grades of all candidates are now visible in OSIRIS.
  6. If you don't want to sign the gradelist yet, you click on the "SAVE" button. After saving, you can correct the grades within 24 hours.
  7. After finishing, click on the "SIGN" button. It's also possible to sign without saving first.

Before signing the grades, check the grades carefully! 

It is recommended that you save the grades first before signing them. After saving and before signing it is possible to correct them within 24 hours (see instruction 'How do I correct grades that I already saved?'

Corrections of signed grades can only be done by the Student administration.

Signing the grades (manually)

After entering (and saving) the grades, they have to be signed. After signing, the faculty administration has to process the grades before students will be able to see the grades in OSIRIS Student.

  1. Click the "SIGN" button (1).
  2. After clicking the "SIGN" button, you can choose between "SIGN MANUALLY" (2) and "SIGN ELECTRONICALLY" (3). Choose "SIGN MANUALLY". 
  3. A pdf with the results with a checksum is generated by OSIRIS. Download this pdf.
  4. Send the pdf by E-mail to Postbus OSZ SVA (the faculty adminstration), e-mail [email protected]. You don't have to print and sign it with your signature.
  5. The faculty administration will process the grades. After processing, the students will see the result in OSIRIS student.

In the future, it's possible to sign the grades electronically with Two Factor Authentication (not available yet at Radboudumc). Students will immediately see the grades in OSIRIS student. After electronically signing, you don't have to send the pdf with checksum to the Faculty administration anymore.

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