How do I navigate in my homescreen? (Radboudumc)

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In this instruction you will find an explanation of your homescreen after you have logged in in OSIRIS.

The main screen

Depending on what authorisation you have you will see the screen elements above.

  1. The menu buttons provide you with an easy way to access the different menu parts. These buttons / menu dropdowns are always available, and can be handy when you have to switch from one function to another.
  2. The faculty drop down. Only if you work for more than one faculty, you need to choose here for which faculty you are performing your tasks. Note that the elements in the screen might change when you change faculties because you might have different authorizations.
  3. This is the name of the user you are currently logged in with.
  4. The help button. There is a set of instructions on how to work with OSIRIS Teacher, you can find a link to these online instructions here.
  5. The language change button (Dutch or English).
  6. The student badge. Normally, teachers don't have this option (depending on authorization).
  7. This number indicates the students you have recently made notes on. Normally, teachers don't have this option (currently only for study advisors).
  8. The grade badge. When you click on this badge you will be transferred to the screen where you can enter grades for students that are enrolled in the tests of the courses, of which you are examinator.
  9. This number indicates the number of grades that still have to be entered.
  10. This number indicates the grade lists waiting for processing by the faculty administration. 
  11. The messages badge. If there are new messages for you this badge will indicate that.
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