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Goal: First assessor evaluates student's thesis using assessment form through Osiris Case

Concerns: First assessor thesis from the Faculty of Social Sciences

Please note: as soon as a student has submitted their thesis in Case, the assessors automatically receive a notification (e-mail) about this. This e-mail contains not only a direct link to Osiris Teacher, but also the date on which the student submitted their thesis. This date should be copied in the assessment form. Finally, this e-mail also contains the Case number and the deadline for reviewing the thesis.

Log in to OSIRIS Lecturer & Supervisor at https://osiris.ru.nl/docent or using the link in the e-mail.

Note. If you are working at more than one faculty, please check first at the top right of the page to make sure the correct faculty (in this case, Faculty of Social Sciences) has been selected.

On the home page, please click on the name of the 'Case' (Nb. the name of the Case in the image may be different)

In the next window, click on the name of the student you wish to assess.

In the next window you will see the overview of the steps to follow. Please read these carefully first!

You can do the plagiarism check by clicking on 'Details plagiarism scan' at the bottom of this page under Documents and Forms.

Note. The plagiarism scan takes some time to complete (it may take up to 2 hours!)  If the plagiarism scan has not yet been completed, it displays the status 'Analyzing' (see image below). Please wait for the scan to finish (status: Ready).

Once you have done this, the Ouriginal report will open. Click here to learn more about the analysis report.

In case of suspicion of plagiarism, click on the 'SUSPICION OF PLAGIARISM' button.

The examiner will receive a notification and will be contacting you after this.

If there is no suspicion of plagiarism, you may go ahead and open the student's thesis at the bottom of this screen.

Then proceed to 'Enter assessment form'

The assessment form will be opened.

Go through the Conditions. Once all conditions are met (all checked), then the criteria to be scored will appear.

Note. Conditions and criteria may vary by study programme

Now please rate all criteria by clicking on the "down triangle" next to the criterion description.

Then give the criterion the desired grade.

Repeat for all criteria.

Should there be a Crucial criterion in the assessment form, don't forget to fill it in!

Once all criteria are filled in, the form will automatically calculate the Grade based on the assessed criteria.

Important. For Test date, enter the date the student submitted the thesis. This date can be found in the invitation email. Do not fill in the current date!

If desired (optional), provide another general Explanation.

Now close by clicking (at the top of the page) on the 'SAVE AS DRAFT GRADE' button.

You then return to the Home page.

If there are multiple assessment forms, you first have to complete all of them and click the SAVE AS DRAFT GRADE button for each completed form.

Very important! Finally, click on the "SUBMIT" button.

In the Overview menu item, the status of this Case can be tracked.

In the Data menu item, you can see the assessment form of both readers.

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