[Internship] - First approval OSIRIS Case (OSIRIS Zaak)

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Target: You will be able to approve or reject an Internship application through Osiris Case (Osiris Zaak)
For: Internship-contact person of the study programme (Faculty of Arts).  

Login to Osiris as usual. On the Home tab go to ‘Case’ (‘Zaak’ in Dutch)

Select the student / internship application you want to review

Below you see the case overview

  1. Open the Internship Application form1 to review the students' plan
  2. Supply your findings in the 'First control' form and select a prime supervisor 2
  3. Submit your approval through the 'Agree'-button or select 'Not ok - reverse' in case you are rejecting the application

1 The Internship Application form consists of 4 pages. Keep clicking the Next-button to continue.

2 First control form

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