Internship application: approval by committee member (second control)

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This work instruction describes the actions that the committee member should take in the role of Second Control in the OSIRIS Case, in order to approve or reject the Internship application.

This instruction is written specifically for the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Login to OSIRIS Lecturer

Go to https://osiris.ru.nl/docent, click on the UMC page and log in with your Z-number and password. If you are already logged on to the Radboudumc network, you don't have to use your z-number and password again. OSIRIS works best in browser Chrome.

If you are unable to log in via the URL above, or you don’t see the screen below after logging in, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the information you don’t have access to OSIRIS Case for the Case Internship application. The OSIRIS administrators will take care of your authorization.

Please click on the line Internship application and the screen below will open.

Evaluate the Internship application

Click on the line of the Internship application to do the second check. This is marked as Second control.

(Please don’t click on AGREE if you haven’t evaluated the internship plan yet).

The number behind ‘Second control’ (in this case number 7) indicates the number of days within you can approve the internship application (deadline). When the number is marked red, then the deadline has expired. Please complete this task as soon as possible.

  1. By clicking on Internship application you will see the student’s Internship Application form.
  2. By clicking on the document  you can open the student’s Internship plan.

Register your evaluation

You have three options:

  • Agree: you agree with the proposed internship plan. With this action you complete the Internship application and the student will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your approval.
  • Not OK - Reverse: you’re not OK, because the student needs to make some adjustments. With this action the Internship application goes back to the student. The student will receive an e-mail with further information about the next steps to be taken. (When the student makes adjustments, you will receive the Internship application anew and you can reevaluate the Internship plan.)
  • Reject: you reject the Internship application and the student has to submit a new Internship application. With this action the application process will be canceled. The student will receive an e-mail with notice of your disapproval and further information about the next steps to be taken.

Note: You will see a Remarks screen where you can make additional comments and where you confirm your choice (agree, not OK - reverse, reject). If you have chosen for not OK - reverse or reject, the student can see your comments, as shown below.

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